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—  Welcome to Unmaterialised™.


Unmaterialised™ is a research Archive, Agency & Platform that explores the origin of key narratives, beliefs and systems — and their impact on the Past, Present & Future.


As an archive, Unmaterialised™ stages research-based Unapproved, Alternative or Speculative perspectives of significant cultural and political events. Our designed artefacts serve as props in the enactments of new references. 


Commissioned by institutions, organisations and companies, Unmaterialised™ explores and identifies the influence of politics as it continues to morph global Narratives, Beliefs and Systems.



As a platform, our collective intelligence seeks to acknowledge and map methodologies of power globally. Omissions, Voids and Inaccuracies are then investigated for inconsistencies between community and institutional knowledge.

Overall, Unmaterialised™ harbours cases of doubt, developing the right question for the right time. 

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