—  Welcome to Unmaterialised™



Unmaterialised™ is a research Archive, Agency & Platform that explores the origin of key narratives, beliefs and systems — highlighting omissions, voids and/or inaccuracies resulting in counterfactual scenes of the event in question.


Our research seeks to acknowledge and map methodologies of power, whether in/discreet, that intervene with social relations. Rationalised through writings, our work manifests and dramatises questionable truths, best situated in  international cultural institutions and NGO’s (non-governmental organisations).


A combination of factual and fictitous scenarios intended to raise doubt, are designed to question the fundamental relationships between objects, individuals and philosophies.


Fuelled by the accusations Omissions, Voids and Inaccuracies, our objective is to explore the influence of politics as it continues to morph global narratives, beliefs and systems.


Unmaterialised consists of lost and unaccounted perspectives on significant cultural and political events, embedded in artefacts recovered by the GRIOT/R, the custodian of the archive. Through the practice of archeo-acoustics (archaeology of sound from objects and spaces), the line between fact and fiction is blurred through designed evidence, classified and known as the 'Material Witnesses'.